SPRING 2018  / 7 WEEKS 

Team: Ashesh Gohil, Matthew Chen, Yitong Wang

Role: Experience Design, Brand Identity Design, Strategy Design

In the Business of Product Design class, we were tasked to select a brand and come up with an idea to increase its annual revenue. 

My partners and I chose Blue Apron, the first meal-kit subscription service in the USA.

After understanding the brand we spoke to the customers to identify what could be done to create a better Blue Apron experience.

Our initial conversations with the users revealed that they liked trying something new, but soon grew tired of limited cuisine options.

Over time, the cooking process became mundane and the meals start piling up. So we looked at how long people continued to use Blue Apron before discontinuing it.

We decided to look at other brands to understand where Blue Apron stood amongst its competitors.

Blue Apron’s identity hovered between convenience and variety, while these subscription services had distinct characteristics.

By diversifying the meal choices that are authentic and create an experience rather than a chore,      Blue Apron's identity could be solidified.

Process Book - in Progress34.jpg

This picnic was inspired by Michelin star Chef Boulud’s picnic created together with the magazine Bon Appétit. The meal is intricate but still follows a basic premise - tart and crisp, to savoury and substantial, to sweet and refreshing. Following this structure, we created a meal that is perfect for a beautiful summer day yet simple enough to be created by anyone. 

This box was inspired by the tradition of Hanami viewing that is celebrated all across Japan, from Tokyo to Okinawa. Bentos are specially made for picnicking while watching Cherry Blossom Tree, celebrating the onset of Spring. These Bento boxes focus on color and ingredients to reflect the beauty of the setting in which the bento is enjoyed and the coming of spring. Although not everyone can enjoy the full extent of hanami viewing, anyone can enjoy this bento.

In the state of Kerala in South India, it is customary to eat with one’s hands. You thoroughly wash your hands, sit on the floor, and eat off a plate or banana leaf. There are few experiences like eating with your hands and subsequently licking the delicious curry and rice from your fingers. Experiences like this, are rare around the world, so it was a no brainer to include in this project.