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Winter 2021  /  24 hours
Visual Identity
Ashesh Gohil, Zoe Bingham, Jacob Friano
Wegmans Food Markets is a privately held American supermarket chain. Navishop is a central platform for the supermarket's multiple applications and aims to minimise in-person interactions by allowing the user to navigate inside the store.
This concept was created under 24 hours as a part of the BrickHack Hackathon.
Interact with the final prototype here.
Frame 2.jpg

Current Offerings

Wegmans currently has four smartphone applications-
Group 9.png
Based on these and COVID-19 restrictions, we decided to come up with a central platform that can also be a navigation tool that recreates Wegmans in-store shopping experience.

Mapping the Experience

The user's experience with the application is divided into three parts to identify possible features.
Each section includes possible user touchpoints within the segment.
AR Nav (1).jpg


Wireframes were created to categorise different screen possibilities 
Document 49_2.jpg


The final workflow ensures the user's experience resembles Wegmans physical shopping experience.
AR Nav (2).jpg

Style Guide

Group 8.png

Proposed Concept

Frame 2.png
All-in-one platform
In-store AR navigation assistance

Your central platform for the people who like to shop in-person!

Augmented Reality assistance

To help the user safely navigate their way inside the store

All-in-one platform

To prevent the unnecessary hassle of using multiple apps



Due to back-end compilation errors, our application was limited to the visual interface experience. However, we would want to develop it if given sufficient time for execution.
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