Redesigning PETER PAN

Fall 2020  /  3 weeks
Visual Identity
Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately-owned bus companies in the United States. This remake of the mobile application aims to enhance the user's interactions with the service by minimising unnecessary travel information. 
Interact with the final prototype here.
iPhone 8 - Space Gray.jpg

Existing User Interface

To identify problem areas for improvement.
Group 11.png
Information overload
Incomplete text
Crowded menu
No recommendations
Misleading components

Problem Areas

The current version of Peter Pan's mobile app has problems with usability, visibility, learnability and discoverability.

Workflow Streamlining

Identifying workflow inconsistencies for improvement.
Old workflow of Peter Pan.jpeg
Old workflow-
Multiple options for same function
Disorganised hierarchy
New Workflow for Peter Pan (1).jpeg
New workflow-
Reduced, function-specific options
Payment confirmation screen 
Clear visual hierarchy

Low-fidelity prototypes

To simplify interactions based on new workflow.

Wizard of Oz Testing

To understand micro-interactions with paper prototypes.
Group 9.png

Workflow Modification

Improving screens and navigation after paper prototype testing.
User feedback is implemented in the modification.

Style Guide

Proposed Concept

Simplified Information
Concise, accessible options
Minimal Text for usability
Booking a ticket

Search and book a ticket without any hassle

Browse through trips

Look at upcoming and past trips and tickets

Ease of Navigation

Refined options in the hamburger menu for accessibility

Figma Prototype